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Information clause



Dear Sir/Madam,

We hearby kindly inform that your personal data administrator is Bartłomiej Bilski, conducting business activity under the name Professional Automotive Group Bartłomiej Bilski (hereinafter referred to as: Administrator), located in ul. Górecka 23, Poznań (60-201).

In the following document you will find any information concerning your personal data processing and your rights connected with that fact.

Starting from 25.05.2018 in all issues related to your personal data processing you have been able to contact our employee via email, at the following address office@pag-group.pl. We will gladly provide you with further details or we will dismiss any doubts.

For what purpose do we process your personal data?

The main reason for processing your personal data is concluding and performance of the sale contract, which is carried out on the basis of a regulation Art. 6, item 1 letter b) GDPR. In these cases providing your personal data is necessary, as they are essential to perform the above mentioned objective.

The above mentioned objective is clearly not the sole reason for processing your personal data, as they are also used for:

  • Direct marketing of our products and services,
  • Marketing of products and services of the entities cooperating with us,
  • Transmitting information about proposed alterations in the Contract, including Rules and Regulations, Price List, and also about changes in our name (company), address and headquarter,
  • Confirming a complaint acceptance and replying to it at the provided address of electronic mail (e-mail address).

In this case it may happen after you freely give specific allowance for processing your personal data in one of above mentioned, literally specified objectives and takes place on the basis of regulation Art. 6 item 1 letter a) GDPR. The given agreement may be withdrawn any time, however it does not affect the conformity of the right of processing, which took place before withdrawing the agreement.

In some cases your personal data processing can become necessary for realizing our legally entitled businesses, such as resolving any potential claims, our services marketing and the analysis of their quality. In such a situation data processing is based on regulation Art. 6 item 1 letter f) GDPR.

Whom may we transfer your personal data?

  • Law firm – in case there is a necessity to resolve any potential claim,
  • Sales representatives, cooperating on the basis of separate contract,
  • Companies cooperating with us in order to perform the agreement concluded with you,
  • Postal operators,
  • Entity dealing with service and maintaining our IT systems and Internet servers,
  • Entity dealing with our accountancy and financial services of our company.

How long are we going to store your personal data?

  • Personal data processed in relation to performing the contract concluded with you will be processed within the period of its existence, after that time for the period necessary according to accounting and tax regulations and periods of limitation according to potential claims resulting from the contract,
  • Personal data received on the basis of agreement will be processed only in the period of its validity (until it is cancelled or in the period expressed),
  • Personal data processed in order to undertake marketing activities in relation to performing our legitimate business will cease to be processed in case you claim any reasoned objection to their processing.

What rights are you entitled to in relation to processing your personal data?

As the administrator of your personal data we guarantee the realization of all rights resulting from GDPR, such as the right to access, correction and deleting your personal data, limiting their processing, the right to transfer, not being a subject of automatic decision-making, including profiling as well as the right to raise the objection in relation to processing your personal data.

You are entitled to use your rights in the following situations:

  • With reference to data correction demand – if you notice that your personal data are incorrect or incomplete;
  • With reference to data deletion demand – in case your personal data are not essential any longer to the objectives for which the Company gathered them, i.e. when You deny the permission to process personal data; when you raise the objection to processing Your personal data; when Your personal data are processed unlawfully; when Your personal data shall be deleted in order to fulfill the obligation resulting from law regulation or were gathered in relation to providing services online offered to a child;
  • With reference to data limit processing demand – when you notice that your data are incorrect you may demand to limit their processing in the period allowing checking the correctness of these data; when your data are processed unlawfully, but you would not like them to be deleted; when your personal data are not needed for us, but you need them for defence or redressing particular claims; when you raise the objection against processing data – until it is determined if legitimate basis on our part take precedence over the basis of your objection;
  • With reference to data transfer demand – when processing your personal data is on the basis of your agreement or a contract concluded with you as well as when processing is performed automatically.

You are entitled to make a complaint in relation to our processing your personal data to an organ of public administration, which is General Data Protection Supervisor (Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych) (address: Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw, Poland).

In what situations may you raise the objection according to your personal data processing?

  • If processing your personal data is performed on the basis of legitimate interest of data administrator or for statistic objectives, and the objection is justified by a special situation, which takes place;
  • If your personal data are processed for direct marketing needs, and are profiled for that objective.

We would also like to inform you that your personal data shall not be processed using tools for automatic decision-making.